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Manifest Destiny and the American Dream

The Adventures of Katie L. Thompson

Katie L. Thompson writes this.
Manifest Destiny and the American Dream

Rural King Kong

1. Expansion. I want to learn every major city in North American and then some. I want to memorize maps and know roads by heart because I've traveled them so many times. I want the ability to find my way home no matter where I am. I want the concept of home to just keep growing and growing until I'm home no matter where I might be.

2. The Chase. I just want to keep going and never stop. I want to meet a lot of people and make a lot of friends on my way.

Essentially, that's what this is all about.

In 2004 this was the Showlog.
In 2005 this was the integration of shows and what's in between.
In 2006 this looks suspiciously like a music blog and tour journal. Then I don't know what.
In 2007 this was a place to post photos and looked fairly bloggy there at the end.
In 2008 this was a place for photos, stories, and links.
In 2009 this did not exist.
In 2010...

Go listen to Big Sam Thompson and maybe you'll understand.